Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance


Our GPS-location system is one of the market’s most widely used systems for operations and maintenance within summer and winter maintenance, and maintenance of outdoor environments. The AddMobile Toolbox has off the shelf modules for construction companies that perform operations and maintenance of other outdoor environments for municipalities or the Swedish Transport Administration. Snow removal, summer road maintenance, mowing or other forms of land maintenance – for example inspections and road monitoring. In all of these solutions, the work order or the vehicles position is a central function. The GPS-locations can be reported via a mobile computer or a separate GPS unit. The latter can also be connected directly to a vehicle’s electronics, for example salt spreaders.

Our system is used within thirty operating areas where subcontractors take care of road operations for the Swedish Transport Administration. Our modules are modified constantly, as theSwedish Transport Administration develops the requirements that the sub-contractors must meet. Action information from a vehicle in operation is sent continually via TRISS to the Swedish Transport Administration. AddMobile Toolbox also has a complete setup for reports for winter road maintenance.

Planning views and overviews are available to plan the operation in the most efficient way possible.
All mapping is web based. This means that it can easily be published for the public if desired. You can also see where a vehicle is as well as the vehicle’s history. For snow removal, different colours show where the truck has plowed or salted.

Road monitoring and inspection

The AddMobile Toolbox contains a complete toolset for road monitoring. The activity can be planned with our user friendly tools, and field personnel can document their activity on site directly on their smartphone with the help of our GPS program. If the road monitoring encounters an error or something that should be fixed, this can be immediately converted into a new order on the smartphone. The people on site can take two pictures of the object – before and after the task – that are recorded on the work order, with the associated GPS location. The order can also be supplemented with a signature and materials – and then you have a complete basis for invoicing. If a manager performs the inspection, it can be easily sent on to a team that performs the task – complete with a task description, photograph and the location of the site. The built in navigation program helps the team – using our positioning system – to find the site.

When inspecting different objects – bus shelters, wells, etc. – it is possible to continually store the smartphone’s GPS location. A task can be created in a normal way during the rounds, but sine the position is stored, you can follow the rounds on a map and see where and when it is done with both a date and a timestamp.