Field Service

Field Service

Reporting hours and time records with field work

AddMobile Toolbox is a complete system for a company focused on different types of field service. This gives you full control and efficient solutions for your company’s service procedures.

Time for reporting hours? No problem! Solve this quickly and simply with our system!

Our mobile system makes it simple to manage service assignments. You can easily perform administrative tasks in the field and thereby find new possibilities for improving your business. Field personnel receive an assignment directly on their smartphone and can there report status, exceptions, materials, see tasks that are completed and report hours.

The AddMobile Toolbox helps you find your way to the customer through the GPS function, shows history of repairs for machines in question and when the assignment is completed, the customer can sign for it on site.

With AddMobile Toolbox you can keep a complete machine and facility record, with tracking of equipment so that you always have full control of all parts. Since a service order is tied to the equipment, you can see the history of completed tasks for each machine. If you move the units between different places, you can also track and record it in AddMobile Toolbox.

Your customers get better service and you get an improved overview of your business. And you can easily see which service contracts are profitable.