Facility Service

Facility Service

Off the shelf solutions for facility services

In The AddMobile Toolbox, for example, you will find:

  • Explorations and inspections
  • Facility service
  • Cleaning (including checks according to INSTA)
  • Workplace services (night watchman and similar)
  • Material handling within a company

Material handling

A company that delivers and distributes materials to other companies can have both control and statistics through our AddMobile Toolbox-module Material Handling. Scan all materials directly with a barcode and gain full control of where materials are, when they are delivered to the company, when it is left for the recipient and who received it. Everything to ensure that materials do not go astray.


We provide off the shelf solutions for INSTA-checks but also the possibility to check work performed by having staff check in and out for whichever space is cleaned by scanning a barcode. The staff can report exceptions or create their own order in the smartphone. This is so that extra orders can be invoiced without the risk of forgetting.

Facility service

Besides normal order management, AddMobile Toolbox contains a contract module for facility management: the AFF-module. There you can register a contract that covers the entire undertaking per facility within a given time period (which is defined as a project) for patrols, for example. 

Based on the pre-defined AFF-agreement, you then plan in a GANTT-chart. There, the work tasks can be specified with the performance frequency and the resource assignment. The planning then generates automatic work orders from the system with optional advance planning (for example two weeks ahead). 

The field staff then receive a work order with a checklist for their smartphone or mobile computer where it is easy to document finished work tasks and add comments.