Building and Construction

Building and Construction

AddMobile Toolbox is one of the leading systems within building and construction.

Our off the shelf modules, all integrated into the same platform:

  • Concrete transport (concrete trucks, concrete boom and line pumps)
  • Asphalt
  • Mobile cranes
  • Earth moving machines
  • Special transport
  • Electronic staff register

Information in real time

The driver receives, in real time, information about planned trip orders, deviations and messages on their smartphone. New drivers quickly find their destination for the current assignment thanks to voice controlled and visual guiding. It is also easy to fill in freight bills and time reports directly on the mobile unit. The recipient of the material can sign, directly on the screen, and thereby make the invoicing process more efficient.

The employees at the office gain better control since in real time they an follow the vehicle and easily keep in contact with the drivers. You can easily follow the status or the orders and the vehicles with different colours and symbols. The status of the vehicle can be changed manually or automatically with geo-fencing zones.

The AddMobile Toolbox is intuitive, and it becomes easy to manage the entire trip order process with customers, assignments, vehicles, time and materials. For earth moving machines you can, via GPS, protect against theft but also as a measurement tool for how the machine is used both during operating and when standing still. This allows you to make the use of your machines more efficient.