What do you prefer?

Our platform can be adapted to a series of different industries. And it functions just as well, regardless how large or small the company is. Customise a solution and select the puzzle pieces you want to have for your AddMobile Toolbox – or select one of our packages adapted to an industry. We will help you create a mobile tool that support the administration of your company. Obviously, our system is fast for handling tasks and easy to learn – regardless what technology you are used to.

Advantages with AddMobile Toolbox:

  • Improved cash flow.
  • Less administration.
  • Fewer misunderstandings.
  • Better service for the customers.
  • Better planning and lower travel costs for field personnel and drivers.

Create your puzzle yourself or select a package adapted to an industry.

(It will also work well if you would like to do a little of both).

Building and Construction

Our popular system AddMobile Toolbox makes it simpler for companies within the building and construction to make your work process more effective which leads to faster invoicing and less loss of resources.



Are you lacking an overview of your vehicles and want to know where they are? Do you want to optimise the driving and fuel consumption? Is it difficult for your to keep up with the paper flow and all the invoicing. We will help you!


Field Service

Make it easy to handle service tasks! Perform administrative work tasks on the field and get new possibilities to improve your business. The field personnel gets a task directly in your smart phone and can record status, exceptions, see the task performed, record times and materials.


Facility Service

In our AddMobile Toolbox you find off the shelf solutions for facility companies or companies that perform different types of facility services. 
Here you can find probes, inspections, facility service, cleaning, workplace services and material handling within the company.


Operations and Maintenance

Our system for operations and maintenance is one of the most widely used in the marketplace. We have off the shelf solutions for both summer and winter road maintenance, maintenance of outside environments and different forms of grounds services – for example inspections and road inspections.

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