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Mileage Tracker

If you have, or sometimes use, a company vehicle, the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) requires you to keep a mileage journal. This can be inconvenient, easy to forget and time consuming for everyone involved.

Our digital mileage tracking solution lets you manage it automatically. It just takes a few minutes for you to install the GPS into the vehicle’s OBD2 socket and you’re on your way.

Our Mileage Tracker is perfectly suited for vehicles used by individual drivers, but can be used for all sorts of fleet vehicles.

Simple, effective and automated


  • Journeys are registered automatically
  • Simple admin
  • Easy access to journey history
  • Link journeys to a work order


  • Management of congestion charges
  • Link to your payroll system
  • Manage journeys centrally or in the app
  • Access reports regularly (monthly, etc.)

Our Mileage Tracker also includes driver identification with the help of ID06 cards or key tags. This is handy in situations like when a vehicle is used by more than one driver.

Check out our Mileage Tracker with Driver ID

Easily link a journey to a project for billing purposes with help from our Project Management tool. It also provides you with better oversight and eliminates piles of paper work orders, time reports and other documents.

Check out our Project Management solution


How our Mileage Tracker works

Don’t want Swedish subtitles? You can always change them to English.

Smoother work days for AB Sjöbohem

Thanks to our Mileage Tracker, AB Sjöbohem spends less time logging miles and more time on its tenants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Mileage Tracker.

Can you help us address privacy issues associated with the Mileage Tracker?

Yes. We often help with this and are experienced in providing information about how – and how not – the Mileage Tracker may be used.

Can I see if a company vehicle is being used outside work hours?

Yes. You can choose to be notified if the vehicle is used outside the time intervals or work hours you have set.

Can we pre-set times when the Mileage Tracker registers driving as private or work related?

Yes, you can create an automated schedule, which you may edit, for individual vehicles and co-workers.

Are private journeys using company cars visible in the system?

No. Private journeys are only visible to the beneficiary.

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