For vehicles with
multiple drivers

Mileage Tracker Driver ID

Do you have vehicles which are driven by multiple co-workers? Find it difficult to keep track of who used them and when? Our Mileage Tracker with Driver ID means you’ll never have that problem again.

Installing a card reader in the vehicle lets drivers easily identify themselves before embarking – without detours to the office. Identification is carried out using either a key tag or ID card, for instance an ID06 card used within the Swedish construction industry. Since we are a certified ID06 supplier, pre-registration of the ID06 card is not necessary.

You get reliable positioning and increased security for your company and a more independent field staff. It’s also easy to use.

Simple, efficient and automatic


  • Identification with ID card or key tag
  • Driver can easily switch between vehicles
  • Journeys are registered automatically
  • Connect to our Project Management tool for billable journeys


  • Congestion charge function
  • Integrates with payroll system
  • Create reports, for example, monthly
  • Manage journeys centrally or in the app, for instance by filling in case information

Our Mileage Tracker is also available without Driver ID and is so easy to install, you can do it yourself. It is best suited for vehicles that only have one driver.

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Our Mileage Trackers can be linked to our Project Management tool. You can easily link a journey with a project for simplified billing. With our Project Management system, say goodbye to stacks of paper work orders, time reports and other documents – and hello to better project oversight.

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How our Mileage Tracker works

The video is in Swedish, but you can change the subtitles to English.

AB Sjöbohem improves efficiency

Using our Mileage Tracker enables AB Sjöbohem to spend less time logging journey time and more time on tenants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Mileage Tracker with Driver ID.

Can we install the GPS ourselves?

Yes. You can either choose to install it yourself or book a time with a technician to do it for you.

Is AddMobile approved by the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and fulfil their requirements for mileage tracking?

The Swedish Tax Agency doesn’t approve commercial providers of mileage tracking or have specific requirements regarding manual or electronic logging. However, they have provided recommendations for what information a journey log should contain, and we comply with all these recommendations.

Is it possible to see our vehicles on a map and in real time? Is this permitted?

Yes, it is possible and permitted as long as there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Can you help us address privacy issues associated with the Mileage Tracker?

Yes. We often help with this and are experienced in providing information about how – and how not – the Mileage Tracker may be used.

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