Save time with
digital mileage tracking


Forgot to properly log your vehicle’s travel distance? Does it take too much time or do the distances simply not add up? We’re familiar with this problem. Our Mileage Tracker helps you minimise the time office staff and drivers spend logging vehicle travel, so the whole team can focus instead on project work and increasing profitability.

Journeys are automatically registered and it’s easy to add important information in the app or central system. The Mileage Tracker also manages congestion charges. With everything managed digitally, it’s simple to keep records for tax purposes or look up information should internal questions arise.

Choose one of our Mileage Trackers or combine them – install our GPS yourself in just a few minutes or use our driver identification solution.

Manlig förare sitter i en bil och i körjournalsappen i sin mobilen väljer att sin körning är arbetsrelaterad. på

A quick and easy start

Simply plug in our GPS and journeys will register automatically. The Mileage Tracker does (almost) everything for you while you concentrate on your company’s profits.

Mileage Tracker

Närbild på en svart kortläsare i personbild och en förare som lagt sitt ID06-kort på kortläsaren

With ID identification

Avoid manual registration of drivers when a vehicle is used by several employees. Drivers identify themselves easily in the vehicle before starting a journey.

Mileage Tracker with Driver ID

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