Work Order

With our digital Work Order, you gain better control of your projects and can bill faster and more precisely. If you also use the feature for Estimates and Price Quotes in our Project Management system, you can generate a work order based on an accepted quote or easily create a work order based on other information. The work order is then sent to field staff’s smartphones. In the app, they can see all the information they need to perform the assignment and submit continuous reports on status, materials used and hours worked, as well as take photos and fill in control forms.

Since all information is gathered in the Project Management system, you can easily stay up-to-date on how the work is progressing. Approved work orders and invoice data are sent to your business management systems for payroll processing and billing – we can integrate with the systems you already use and are accustomed to.

If you also use our features for resource planning, project follow-up and supplier invoices, you will have a powerful tool that gives you better control of the entire flow – from the request to following-up the project and its profit.

Simple, effective and improved quality


  • Increased profitability and improved liquidity
  • Easy to use, for everyone
  • Adapted for the industry
  • Faster and simpler invoicing
  • We help you with implementation
  • Can be integrated into most systems, for example business systems and wholesalers


  • Simple time reporting
  • Smooth material reporting
  • Break the work down into milestones
  • Add unforeseen changes to the contract (ÄTA)
  • Handle and fill in forms
  • Link to Mileage Tracker and Equipment Management

Better invoicing for Bunkeflo Byggplåt

With our Work Order, the company’s finances improved, administrative work decreased and the CEO’s daily work load has eased significantly.

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How our Work Order works

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Examples of systems we integrate with:

We integrate quickly and simply with most system types: business systems, payroll systems, industry programs, customer programs and customer portals. We are also connected to several of Sweden’s leading wholesalers, which means your purchases are automatically registered on the right project as a material order.

It’s simple to connect our system to those systems you already use and are familiar with. We’ll adjust to your routines.

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“AddMobile’s user-friendly Work Order system facilitates supervision on our customer projects from start to finish”

Henrik Unosson, owner, AB Falkenbergs Plåtslageri

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Work Order.

Can we create work orders in the app when we are out in the field?

Yes. You can also create a contract change entry for an existing work order.

Can we handle recurring assignments?

Yes. Using different time intervals, you can choose, for example, whether a work order should recur every second week, once a month or once per year. You can go in and update the work order at any time, or change the time interval for when it will recur.

Is it possible to assign different roles to different employees?

Yes. For example, a supervisor can have permission to create work orders, while field staff can only access the information they need for their assignments and to register hours and materials for the order.

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