Work Order

Tired of misplaced time reports, sloppy work orders or materials not being invoiced? Our Work Orders facilitate your work day, providing you with better supervision of what’s happening out in the field, simplifying work planning and enabling faster invoicing.

Create work orders and send them directly to your field staff’s smartphones. They send ongoing reports on completed work, materials used, and time spent; taking photos and filling in status reports.

All information is gathered digitally, so you don’t have to keep track of it or transfer piles of paper documents to your system. Send certified time reports and billing information to your business system for payroll and invoicing. By streamlining admin work, you’ll have more time to focus on your customers, thereby increasing profitability.

Simple, effective and improved quality


  • Increased profitability and improved liquidity
  • Easy to use, for everyone
  • Adapted for the industry
  • Faster and simpler invoicing
  • Can be integrated into most systems
  • We help you with implementation


  • Simple time reporting
  • Smooth material reporting
  • Send work orders to builders’ mobiles
  • Add unforeseen changes to the contract (ÄTA)
  • Logging supplier invoices
  • A handy tool for planning

Looking for an even simpler solution for digital work orders? We also offer a smaller version – Easy Work Orders (Arbetsorder Easy). It’s perfect for those who are looking to take the first step towards digitalisation or want to use a stripped-down system for work orders and time reports.

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What you’ll get as our customer

Precise invoicing for Contractor

AddMobile’s Work Orders resulted in a simpler and faster way for Contractor to provide more accurate invoices to their customers.

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How our Work Order works

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Examples of systems we integrate with

We integrate quickly and simply with most system types: business systems, payroll systems, industry programs, customer programs and customer portals. We are also connected to several of Sweden’s leading wholesalers, which means your purchases are automatically registered on the right project as a material order.

It’s simple to connect our system to those systems you already use and are familiar with. We’ll adjust to your routines.

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“AddMobile’s user-friendly Work Order system facilitates supervision on our customer projects from start to finish”

Henrik Unosson, owner, AB Falkenbergs Plåtslageri

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Work Order.

Can I create quotes?

Yes. You can create and send quotes directly from the system. You can also manage project inquiries and send quotes based on them.

Can we add a new customer to the system via the app?

Yes, normally this is possible, but it can depend on which accounting system you use and how the information is synced.

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