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Time Reporting

With co-workers out in the field, it can be a challenge to log all time reports in time for invoicing and payroll. Some come in too late or incomplete, resulting in loss of valuable billable hours.

Sound familiar? Our Time Reporting System provides you with a simpler daily routine and less admin for both field and office staff. The result is more time for assignments and problem-free reporting of all hours.

Fast, simple and effective


  • No more hunting after time reports
  • No more unregistered hours
  • Billable and wage-based time reporting


  • Daily time reporting
  • Builders register hours in our app
  • See total hourly costs for each project

We have more than just time reporting! Want to eliminate hand-written work orders, lost supplier invoices and non-invoiced materials? You can connect our solution for Project Management whenever you like.

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What you’ll get as our customer

Examples of systems we integrate with

Thanks to our integration-ready interfaces, we connect quickly and simply with most accounting and payroll systems. Use different systems for payroll and invoicing? No problem, we’ll integrate with both.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Time Reporting.

Is it possible to make time reports compulsory?

Yes, there is a setting for this.

Can we register hours retroactively?

Yes, both field staff and administrators can. Staff can also receive automatic reminders, via e-mail or text, if they’ve forgotten to report their hours.

Is it also possible to report hours for sick leave, parental leave or similar situations?

Yes. We set your salary and hour categories, so you get exactly what you have in your payroll or accounting system.

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