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Time Reporting

If you have field staff, gathering time sheets for payroll and billing can be a challenge. Moreover, time sheets can sometimes disappear – or be incomplete – which means that you lose valuable billable hours.

Does it sound familiar? Our Time Reporting makes working days easier for both field and office staff, since hours are reported digitally every day. They are always gathered in one place and ready for billing or payroll processing. Our Time Reporting gives you more time to spend on projects instead of administration.

Fast, simple and effective


  • Connect to your business- and payroll systems
  • No more unregistered hours
  • Billable and wage-based time reporting
  • Add more project features whenever you want


  • Daily time reporting
  • Report time for project milestones
  • Link hours to a specific project
  • Builders register hours in our app

Time Reporting is one of the features of our Project Management system and can be used as a standalone module, but if you want even more control of all parts of your projects, other features are available. In the Project Management system, you can register requests, create estimates, price quotes and work orders, plan your resources and track your project profitability. Field staff receive the work order directly to their mobile phones and report everything from the status of the assignment to materials used, and fill in forms.

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What you’ll get as our customer

More exact billing for Contractor

AddMobile’s Time Reporting and Work Order have led to an easier and faster way for Contractor to create more exact invoices for their customers.

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Examples of systems we integrate with:

Thanks to our integration-ready interfaces, we connect quickly and simply with most accounting and payroll systems. Use different systems for payroll and invoicing? No problem, we’ll integrate with both.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Time Reporting.

Is it possible to make time reports compulsory?

Yes, there is a setting for this.

Can we register hours retroactively?

Yes. Field staff as well as administrators can register hours retroactively and reminders can be sent out automatically if someone has forgotten to report their hours. Reminders can be sent by e-mail or text. It is also possible to receive a reminder in the app if the user has not reported eight hours for the preceding day.

Is it possible to compile an employee’s hours even if they’ve worked on different projects?

Yes. The administrator can then approve the total hours regardless of the project they belong to. Alternatively, a project manager can show the hours included in their project, regardless of employee, and then approve the hours for that project only.

Is it also possible to report hours for sick leave, parental leave or similar situations?

Yes. We enter the pay/time codes that you want your employees to use for reporting their hours. These are then matched with your payroll system so that the data is complete before the salary run.

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