Resource Planning

The Resource Planning feature in our digital Project Management tool makes it easy for you to plan resources and employees for your projects, regardless of your needs or how you work. The results are more organised working days and better control of your projects.

Planning can be carried out in two ways. Either generally in the overall view, or more detailed in the planning view – depending on how you prefer to work. In general, the overall view works best for those companies whose field staff plan their own days, while the planning view is best for those who plan their working days in detail from the office, or using schedulers.

Regardless of how you choose to plan your projects, you can edit your schedule at any time. Any updates are automatically sent to the relevant employees’ mobile phones so that they always have the latest information – which reduces the risk of misunderstandings and the use of outdated information in the assignment.

Simple, efficient and better overview


  • No more double bookings
  • Helps you meet your deadlines
  • Keeps employees updated
  • Efficient overview of capacity


  • Overall or detailed planning
  • Route optimisation
  • Register absence
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop feature

In addition to planning your resources in the Project Management system, you can also register requests, create estimates, price quotes and work orders, and track profitability throughout the project. Field staff receive the work order directly to their smartphones and report everything from the status of the assignment to materials used, and fill in forms.

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What you’ll get as our customer

Man i svarta arbetskläder står framför en blå byggkran och fjärrstyr den med en joystick.

Satisfied customers at RM kranar

“The planning view with efficient drag-and-drop and very few clicks to change information is perfect for us,” says Patrik Mårtensson, CEO and owner of RM Kranar.

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This is our Project Management system

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Examples of systems we integrate with:

We integrate quickly and simply with most system types: business systems, payroll systems, industry programs, customer programs and customer portals. We are also connected to several of Sweden’s leading wholesalers, which means your purchases are automatically registered on the right project as a material order.

It’s simple to connect our system to those systems you already use and are familiar with. We’ll adjust to your routines.

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Man i svarta och gula arbetskläder står i en stor cement cistern och spolar rent med en vattenslang.

Satisfied customers at Spol & Industriservice

Using our resource planning, Spol & Industriservice now has a better overview of scheduling, which is making their daily work easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Resource Planning.

Is it possible to assign employees to different groups?

Yes. You can create unlimited numbers of groups and it’s easy to move an employee from one group to another.

Do you have a feature for gathering incoming jobs before they’ve been resource-planned?

You can have order boxes in the resource planning where you save the assignments that have been created but not yet assigned any specific employee. It is also possible to give field staff access to an order box via the app so that they can pick up the assignments there.

Is it possible to handle resources other than employees?

Yes. You can add all of the resources that you want to be available for booking. For example, you can add vehicles or machinery so that you can see availability and bookings in the same view as for employees. That will give you a fast overview of the resources that are available when you are planning a job.

Can we add planned absence and holidays?

Yes. You can add absence so that it is visible in the planning view to prevent unavailable employees from being booked for an assignment.

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