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Project Management

Gathering papers, searching for the right timesheets and trying to make sense of sloppy work orders. Sound familiar? With our Project Management system, your day will look differently. The service improves how you keep track of what’s happening in the field and simplifies how you plan work during, for example, ongoing or recurring projects.

Our system lets you manage inquiries, send quotes, estimate costs, keep track of earnings and more. You can also create work orders, follow up on projects and costs, as well as log certified time reports and billing information to your business system for payroll and invoicing. You decide which functions you want to use.

With us you can invoice more often and increase profitability.

Structured, effective and improved quality


  • Increase profits for your business
  • Adapted for your industry
  • More time to spend on your customers
  • Can be integrated into most systems
  • Easy to use
  • We help you with implementation


  • Smooth reporting of time and materials
  • Managing inquiries and making estimates
  • Creating quotes and work orders
  • Logging supplier invoices
  • Adding unforeseen changes (ÄTA)
  • Powerful tool for planning resources

Our Project Management is available with different functions in order to fit your particular activities. If you require more of our services, you may add them at any time. For simplicity’s sake, all services are integrated into one system. For instance, we have new solutions for Equipment Management so you can keep track of your inventory.

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What you’ll get as our customer

Satisfied customer: Safeteam

The biggest difference for Safeteam since switching to our system is that they eliminated the use of paper work orders and time reports – once and for all.

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How our Work order works

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Examples of systems we integrate with

Thanks to our integration-ready interfaces, we connect quickly and simply with most system types: business systems, payroll systems, industry programs, customer programs and customer portals. We are also connected to several of Sweden’s leading wholesalers, which means your purchases are automatically registered on the right project as a material order.

It’s simple to connect our system to the systems you already use and are familiar with. We’ll adjust to your routines.

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“The best thing about AddMobile is that they really listen and are willing to improve and adapt the product together with us”

Henrik Ahlbin, Project Leader at Arbetslaget Hjelm & Co

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Project Management.

Can you handle recurring assignments?

Yes. You may, for example, choose for a work order to repeat every other week, once a month or once a year. You can update the work order or work interval whenever you need.

Is it possible to assign different permissions to different co-workers?

Yes. For example, a supervisor can be given permission to create a work order, while field staff only receive the necessary information for carrying out their work plus logging hours and materials on the order.

Can we create work orders via the app while out in the field?

Yes, you can. You can also add unforeseen changes (ÄTA) to an existing work order.

Is the system available in other languages besides Swedish?

Yes. We have support in several different languages including English.

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