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Project Follow-up

Do you want better control of your profit and the performance of your projects, both during and after they have ended? In that case, the Project Follow-up feature in the Project Management system is exactly what you need.

The Project Follow-up can be used at any time during the project – either continuously and after the assignment has ended. You can either compare the actual outcome of projects with your estimates or review contribution margins and coverage ratios (CM/CR) for a more detailed analysis. You can use filtering to, for example, follow up several work orders for a single project, or all work orders registered for a customer. Our smart widget tells you the accrued expenses a project can bill, and you can set targets and see your progress in real figures – or even better, by how much you have outperformed your target.

Since we can integrate with a wide range of systems for supplier invoices, the invoice data is automatically transferred to our system and everything linked to the project is gathered in one place. That makes it easy to follow up the costs via the Project Follow-up and send information to your business management system for billing – without missing anything.

The Project Follow-up gives you a good overview of the company’s finances and by combining the use of both Estimates and Project Follow-up, you will have full control of the company’s finances throughout the entire work process.

Efficient, helpful and higher quality


  • Better overview of project profitability
  • Full control of the entire process
  • Combine with estimates
  • Follow up continuously or when the work is completed


  • Set and follow profit targets
  • Cost classification
  • Import supplier invoices
  • CM/CR at different levels

Our Project Management system comes with a wide range of customisable features for your needs. Moreover, if you need more of our solutions, you can simply add them. Everything is gathered in a single system, for the sake of simplicity. We have solutions for Equipment Management, for example, to give you control of the tool fleet.

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Smoother workdays for Elaffären i Vinberg

With our Project Management, Elaffären in Vinberg has been able to reduce the risk of
errors, streamline the billing process and facilitate scheduling.

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This is our Project Management system

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Examples of systems we integrate with:

Thanks to our integration-ready interfaces, we connect quickly and simply with most system types: business systems, payroll systems, industry programs, customer programs and customer portals. We are also connected to several of Sweden’s leading wholesalers, which means your purchases are automatically registered on the right project as a material order.

It’s simple to connect our system to the systems you already use and are familiar with. We’ll adjust to your routines.

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“AddMobile’s Project Management is a user-friendly system that makes it easier to control our customer projects, from start to finish.”

Henrik Unosson, owner of AB Falkenbergs Plåtslageri

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Project Follow-up.

Is it easy to keep track of our profitability throughout a project?

Yes. You can see information such as income, expenses, accrued and billed costs, and a calculation of the contribution margin (CM) and coverage ratio (CR) directly in the project. If the project has also been created using an estimate, you can compare the estimate with the actual outcome and see key performance indicators in the same place.

Can we import our supplier invoices?

Yes. We can integrate with a wide range of systems for supplier invoice management. That makes it possible for you to mark the invoice with the project number so that the cost is added to the right project in AddMobile. From there, you can see important information about the invoice such as the sender, invoice date, code lines and an image of the invoice. With a simple click, you can quickly create an order line if your customer is to be billed for the cost.

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Can I see the overall situation for all of my ongoing projects?

Yes. We have a project follow-up view where you can make a selection of the projects you want to overview. For example, by filtering, you can choose to only see projects for a specific customer, projects for which a certain employees is responsible, or projects within a given date range.

In the project follow-up tool, you choose the exact data that is important for you. This could be information about the project – project number, customer and project name – combined with figures for income, costs, staff costs, accrued costs, CM/CR and how much has already been billed. If you want to follow up the same selection on a regular basis, you can create a bookmark to return to the same view fast, without needing to redo selections. The information is also easy to export to Excel for continued analysis.

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