Full overview of
project profitability

Estimates and Price Quotes

Would you like to have a full overview of your profits before the work even starts? In that case, the Estimate and Price Quote feature in the Project Management system is for you.

Using our estimates module, you can easily calculate the work costs and your profit margin based on any surcharges for your customers. You can choose how detailed you want your estimates to be – for example, you can base them on your wholesaler’s price lists and break down and categorise different types of costs on several rows.

Using your estimate, you can offer your customers more exact quotes with all costs included – which benefits both of you. The estimate can also form the basis of a project follow-up to compare the actual outcome with your estimate.

The Estimates and Price Quotes feature in the digital Project Management system helps to create a more efficient way of working, where all information is managed and stored digitally. That also provides better control of the company’s financial health and profitability.

Smart, flexible and better control


  • Calculate your profit before the work starts
  • More exact price quotes
  • Better control of your profitability
  • Gather all price quotes and contracts
  • Combine with other features


  • Create price quotes from estimates
  • Link to price lists for surcharges or discounts
  • Expense and profit tracking with diagrams
  • Integration with Klarpris for price comparisons
  • Compare the estimate with project outcome

Our Project Management system contains a wide range of features so that you can choose the best ones for your business. A useful addition to Estimates and Price Quotes, for example, is our Project Follow-up. You can then compare the estimate with the actual outcome and gain a clear overview of any costs that, for example, are over or under budget.

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What you’ll get as our customer

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Satisfied customers at Zeri

With our Project Management system Zeri Electric and Zeri VVS no longer miss out on invoicing all billable costs.

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This is our Project Management system

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Examples of systems we integrate with:

We integrate quickly and simply with most system types: business systems, payroll systems, industry programs, customer programs and customer portals. We are also connected to several of Sweden’s leading wholesalers, which means your purchases are automatically registered on the right project as a material order.

It’s simple to connect our system to those systems you already use and are familiar with. We’ll adjust to your routines.

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“Before AddMobile, we lost 20% of all billable hours each month and I could hardly keep the business running, even though we were fully booked.”

Mats Nilsson, CEO at Bunkeflo Byggplåt

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Estimates and Price Quotes.

How do I handle price quotes?

By creating an estimate you can also print and save quotes directly from the system. We can create a template together with you that contains all the information you want to include in your price quotes.

Does the system account for the customer that the estimate applies to in order to show the agreed prices?

Yes. With price lists linked to a specific customer, the customer’s price is automatically shown when an item is added to the estimate.

If the quote is accepted by the customer, do I have to re-enter the data in a work order?

No, you can create a work order based on the estimate and choose the data that will be used for the work order. That also creates a connection between the estimate and the work order. That means you can continuously track profits in order to compare the estimate with the actual outcome.

Are the estimates and price quotes that we don’t win also saved?

Yes. No information will disappear unless you delete it yourself. If the estimate is linked to a customer in your customer register, you can also search on the customer’s quote history.

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