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We offer a complete Project Management system for streamlining your organisation’s work day, which can be adapted to both small and large companies.

Our system lets you manage inquiries, create work orders, calculate and plan assignments and then send them directly to your field staff’s smartphones. You can follow the status of all assignments and track the progress of specific co-workers, while getting an overview of both hours worked and materials used.

Your field staff can access all necessary information, including complete descriptions of their assignments and detailed information about relevant customers. They can also report the hours they’ve worked via their smartphones.

This time-report feature can facilitate the payment of wages and customer billing. The fact that it’s all conveniently integrated into one system means you can invoice more easily and more often, while eliminating unnecessary or repetitive labour.

Customised for your needs

Make your work day more effective, invoice faster and increase profitability with our Project Management. You’ll have more time left over for important assignments.

Project Management

Invoice more often

Our work orders provide a better overview of what’s happening in the field, helping you plan work more easily and invoice more quickly.

Work Order

Keep track of hours

Our Time-Report feature facilitates both administration and field work. Use it as a basis for salary and invoice all billable hours.

Time Report

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