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QR Code

Easily label all types of equipment with our QR Codes – from the smallest screwdriver to big and heavy machinery – and keep them organised once and for all.

Getting started is easy. Stick the QR Code on a piece of equipment and then enter its details (responsible individuals, service intervals, etc.) into our Equipment Management system. If a piece of equipment is used by more than one person, you can smoothly switch between responsible individuals.

Our QR Codes are available both in metal and as stickers so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Both variants are produced to withstand tough environments and the metal QR Code is even more durable.

Each QR Code has a unique ID, which can be read using your smartphone, providing all the information you need. If something is lost, anyone can scan its QR Code and find out the company it belongs to so it can make its way back to you.

Simple, effective and paperless


  • Easy to get started and use
  • Know when and where equipment is moved
  • See who last checked out the equipment
  • Complement with automatic tracking
  • Keep track of service intervals and warrantees
  • No more stacks of paper


  • Create equipment categories
  • Register an equipment home base
  • Designate responsible individuals
  • Record equipment features
  • Upload important documents and images
  • History log

Once you’ve organised your inventory with our QR Codes, you can complement your equipment management with our solution for automatic tracking. Perhaps you need to track equipment which is either being used by more than one co-worker or that will remain on a project site. You can choose to add one of our other trackers to your QR Code in order to suit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our QR Codes.

How resistant are the QR Codes to wear and tear?

Both versions of the QR Codes, in metal or as stickers, are designed to withstand industrial environments and therefore has a high tolerance for wear and tear.

Is it possible to track if co-workers lend equipment to each other?

Yes, it is. A user with access to the system, via a computer or mobile, can lend equipment to a colleague. They can also place equipment on a project. The status change is made easily by scanning the QR Code and choosing to move the equipment from one location to another, or transferring responsibility to another individual.

What happens if someone outside our company scans a QR on our equipment?

They see information about which company owns the equipment. If the equipment is lost, this function can help get it back.

What measurements does the QR Codes have?

The QR Code in metal measures 43×19 mm and the sticker measures 25×15 mm.

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