Finally an organised
equipment inventory


Tired of not knowing where your equipment is? With our Equipment Management Tool, you don’t need to worry.

Registering your inventory digitally and in one place provides a clearer overview of all your equipment, while removing the need to keep track of easy-to-lose documents and service intervals.

You can also label tools and equipment with our QR Codes and Trackers. This lets you see if a tool is currently in storage, in a vehicle or on a building site. It also helps you avoid situations where the necessary equipment is missing and protect those items that are particularly attractive to thieves.

Simpler. Safer. Smarter.

A quick overview of inventory

Avoid rummaging through piles of tools and keep track of when your equipment is due for service.

QR Codes

Full control of inventory

With all information stored digitally, there’s no longer a need to keep track of paper receipts and warranties.

Equipment Management

No more misplaced tools

Now you know who used a tool last and on which project.

Bluetooth Trackers

Protect equipment in the field

Keep an eye on more expensive equipment that is left overnight on building sites.

GPS Trackers

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