Smartlock is a digital lock for situations where a temporary lock is preferable, for example “ROT” projects, renovation work on private residences or the replacement of plumbing pipes in larger properties. They can also be mounted on construction site cabins. Replace your keys with access cards, which you may already be using in another capacity. You can grant access to individuals or organisations via the central system and during specific hours.

Our smart locks are safe, effective and convenient for everyone involved – from field staff and project leaders to landlords and residents.

Smart, secure and key-free


  • Eliminate key management
  • Avoid unnecessary errands
  • Increased security for residents
  • Increased security through controlled access


  • Access on an individual level
  • Access using an organisation number
  • Create schedule for access times
  • Manage permission through access groups

Our Smartlocks are just one of the solutions we offer for access to construction sites. Perhaps you also need a system for Gate Control or a Staff Ledger? Leave it to us. If you’re in need of more of our services, they can be connected at any time. For convenience and simplicity, everything is centralised in one system.

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Karaten Bygg explains

Karaten Bygg, headed by Site Manager Daniel Järkvist, uses AddMobile’s Smartlock on a renovation project in Gothenburg for a more secure, smoother work day.

No more key management means lower costs for Karaten Bygg

Key-free days for Sjövalla Byggservice AB

By using our Smartlock Sjövalla Byggservice AB now has a key-free workday.

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“Costs have gone down and I don’t need to worry about lost keys.”

Daniel Järkvist, Site Manager at Karaten Bygg Gothenburg

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Smartlock.

Do you have a solution for when doors are left unlocked?

Yes, we do. Our Smartlocks have a function for automatic locking. Simply program what time you want the door to lock, for example after all workers have gone home for the day.

Can I install Smartlock on all types of door lock?

Yes, you can. Along with your Smartlock delivery, you’ll receive an installation kit, which can be used in combination with all locks on the Swedish market.

Can I grant someone access when I am at the project/out in the field?

Yes, as long as you are registered as an administrator. Manage access directly via the card reader connected to the lock.

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