Increased security
without keys

A digital Padlock

Say goodbye to managing keys, spending unnecessary time unlocking doors for co-workers and suppliers, or worrying if cabins and containers are unlocked and vulnerable to theft.

Our innovative Bluetooth Padlock has the same functions as traditional padlocks – you open them, close them and keep unauthorised people out – but now in a simpler, more effective way. This Padlock increases security and keeps things like machine sheds, tool containers or non-mechanical gates locked for those without authorisation. No installation is necessary – easily get started the same day the Padlock arrives at the project site.

Your new key is one you already know – your access card. Our wireless card reader can control up to nine locks. Access is administered on an individual or organisational level for specific days and hours.

Want to boost security at work, eliminate key management and be part of the digitalised and innovative construction industry? Then this is the padlock for you.

Simple, safe and keyless


  • Increased security, less risk for break-ins
  • No more managing keys
  • A cost-effective solution
  • No installation of padlocks
  • Easy to use
  • Increased safety through controlled access


  • Access on an individual level
  • Access on an organisational level
  • Automatic updates
  • Create schedules for when to grant access
  • Manage permission through access groups
  • Combine with Container Lock and Smartlock

We have more access solutions to streamline your workday and secure your construction site, for example, systems for Door and Gate Control. You can also buy gates directly from us, with or without mounted Gate Control and with a buy-back option. Administer all your access solutions in the same system and add more whenever you like.

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“The Padlock is a perfect product. Finally, the industry can eliminate wasting time and money on key management.”

Arvid Trybom, Product Manager at Skanska Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Padlock.

How many padlocks can we control with a card reader?

Control up to nine locks with each card reader. Use exclusively with Padlocks, Container Locks, Smartlocks or a combination of all three.

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What is the Padlock’s battery life?

The battery life lasts up to three years.

What is the maximum distance between the card reader and Padlock?

Under normal working conditions, the distance can be up to 15 metres.

What security rating does the Padlock have?

It has a security rating of 3/CEN grade 4.

Is the Padlock IP rated?

Yes. The Padlock is rated IP67.

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