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Gate Control

With our Gate Control system, you decide who can enter through the construction site’s vehicle and pedestrian gates. No unnecessary interruptions in your workday to let in staff, subcontractors and deliverers. And you won’t have to worry about unwanted visitors accessing the site.

Permission to access is administered on the individual or organisational level, with your access card as the key. You can also schedule which hours and days of the week to grant access.

Our Access Solutions are available as pre-installed on our proprietary gates or for installation on your own gate. Whichever you choose, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just provide an address and we’ll deliver directly to you project site and take care of the rest. You can also decide whether you’d like to purchase or lease our gates.

A simple, effective way to increase security


  • Register access on an individual level
  • Register access using an organisation number
  • We’ll buy back the gate when the project ends
  • We deliver directly to your site
  • Simple and effective use


  • Enter using access cards
  • Pre-set schedule for access times
  • Manage permission through access groups
  • Create unique schedules for each entrance
  • Open gate on site or remotely

We don’t just provide solutions for gates – we also provide door and container solutions. Choose the best Access Solution for your project and we’ll deliver it directly to your site, fully integrated into the same system.

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Satisfied customer: MVB Syd

Our Gate Control provides MVB Syd with a user-friendly and secure solution for their construction site.

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“It’s a system that’s easy to use and favourably priced.”

Leif Andersson, Site Manager at MVB Syd

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Gate Control system.

Can you help me get started?

Absolutely! The first thing we need to do is create a workplace in our system. There are two alternatives:

1. We do it for you
For this, we’ll need you to fill in our “Workplace Documentation” formula and we’ll let you know when we’ve started.

2. Choose to create a workplace yourself
Go to “Workplaces” in the left-hand menu in the system. Then click on “Create new workplace” in the blue menu at the top of the screen. Follow the steps for creating a new workplace. If you need help, contact our support:

We can’t always know in advance who is going to need access. Can your system adress this?

Yes, you can control access on an organisational or company level instead of an individual level. This is done by granting access to an entire company via its organisation number. Individuals whose access cards are registered on this organisation number will then be automatically granted access to the workplace.

Can multiple people enter the workplace using the same access card?

No. Our anti-multiple-access/anti-passback function prevents this.

What is the repurchasing process of your gates?

When your project is complete, you have two alternatives regarding the gates you’ve purchased from us:

  1. Keep the gates for future projects.
  2. We’ll buy them back at 20% of the purchase price. This offer is valid under certain conditions.

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