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Door Control

On a construction site, security is paramount. Our Door Control system lets you keep cabins and container doors locked and unwanted visitors out. Colleagues who’ve been granted permission gain access using their access cards. There’s no need to keep track of keys and you’ll no longer waste time constantly opening doors for people.

You can set up each door with a unique opening schedule and add individuals to a specific access group. This means you won’t have to grant access to each individual for a particular door to, for example, an office cabin. Instead, you can grant entry to an entire access group.

We’ll take care of everything from delivery to installation – just make sure we have the right address!

Simple, safe and secure


  • No more keeping track of keys
  • All-in-one package for installation
  • Smooth, worry-free use
  • Automatic door-locking capability
  • We’ll take care of all from delivery to installation


  • Register access on an individual level
  • Register access using an organisation number
  • Pre-set schedule for access times
  • Manage permission through access groups
  • Create unique schedules for each individual door

We don’t just provide solutions for doors – we also provide gate and container solutions. Choose the best access solution for your project and we’ll deliver it directly to your site, fully integrated into the same system.

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Key free days for Sjövalla Byggservice AB

By using our Door Control Sjövalla Byggservice AB has replaced all their keys with one – their ID card.

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“It’s a system that’s easy to use and favourably priced.”

Leif Andersson, Site Manager at MVB Syd

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Door Control system.

How do I install my door package?

If you wish, we’ll take care of installation. With the help of our network of installers around the country, we can be there when you need help.

Can we assign different levels of access to different users within the system?

Yes, you can do this through our user profiles. This lets you, for example, give a supervisor the ability to grant entry, without having access to other information.

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