No more unlocked

A wireless and keyless Container Lock

Wouldn’t you like to work on a secure, connected construction site without having to use keys?

Our innovative Bluetooth Container Lock operate in the same way as traditional container locks – but with zero key management. This streamlines your workdays by eliminating unnecessary interruptions to unlock containers for co-workers or deliveries.

Your access card is your only key. Set up our wireless card reader near the locks. Each card reader can control up to nine locks. Neither the locks nor the card readers require an external power supply.

Access is granted based on an individual or organisational level for selected days and times. In this way, containers can remain locked during the day – reducing risk of theft – while those who need access are still able to enter.

Our Container Locks are a smart, digital solution providing you with a keyless, more secure and effective workplace. Now you can focus on what generates income – your projects.

Effective, secure and keyless


  • Eliminate key management
  • No need for external power source
  • Keep containers locked during the workday
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Increased security through controlled access


  • Access on an individual level
  • Access on an organisational level
  • Create schedules for when to grant access
  • Manage permission through access groups
  • Combine with our Padlocks and Smartlocks

Say goodbye to managing keys while keeping control of who accesses all of your building site’s entrances, doors and containers. Besides Container Locks, we offer Padlocks and Smartlocks, plus Door and Gate control – solutions that help you build a more secure and keyless workplace.

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We can also help you organise your equipment inventory. With help from our Equipment Management System and Tracker, you can see where your equipment is, who’s using it and gather all equipment information digitally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to what most people want to know about our Container Lock.

How many Container Locks can we control with a card reader?

Control up to nine locks with each card reader. Use exclusively with Container Locks, Padlocks, Smartlocks or a combination of all three.

More information on our Smartlock

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What is the Container Lock’s battery life?

The battery life lasts up to three years.

What is the maximum distance between the card reader and Container Lock?

Under normal working conditions, the distance can be up to 15 metres.

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