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who enters


With AddMobile’s Access Solutions, you easily control who has access to your construction site. Your access card is the key and it’s simple to administer access at the individual or organisational level. You can also schedule which hours and days of the week to grant access.

Our Access Solutions work with most barriers, gates and doors. You can also purchase gates directly from us. If you no longer need the gate after the project is complete, we’ll buy it back at 20% of the purchase price.

Choose which solution is best for your specific project – we’ll take care of the rest.

With or without gate

You choose: Our Gate Control pre-installed on our gates or for installation on your own gate. Our gates can be bought or leased.

Gate Control

Go keyless

Avoid worrying about lost keys and associated extra costs. Let your access card be your new and only key.


A key-free padlock

Like a traditional padlock – but smarter! Eliminate key management with our Bluetooth padlock. Instead of keys, you open the lock with your access card.


A wireless container lock

No more interruptions to unlock containers during deliveries and for employees. Your access card is your new key. The lock does not require any external power.

Container Lock

Keep intruders out

Make sure building site cabins and containers can only be opened by co-workers who have access during approved hours. Also no more keeping track of keys.

Door Control

Simple to keep track

Our Staff Ledger is available as a physical, mounted box or as an app. We provide different solutions for different needs, which can also be combined.

Staff Ledger

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