Zeri Electric and Zeri VVS save time and money with our Project Management system.

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Working in installation means both routine maintenance work and performing installations at new sites. You need to be able to move between several customers while keeping track of work, contracts and equipment. The administrative part requires lots of planning and is time consuming. But there is a more efficient alternative.

Our digital solutions, customised for those working in installation, facilitate workdays for all co-workers through gathering all necessary information digitally and in the same place. This minimises the risk for manual errors while raising customer satisfaction and your own profitability.

No more unnecessary trips to the office – we help you keep track of all areas of your business.

These are our products for your sector

Project Management

Eliminate these – and more:

  • Keeping track of maintenance contracts
  • Difficult-to-manage schedules and plans
  • Misplaced supplier invoices

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Equipment Management

Eliminate these – and more:

  • Forgotten equipment
  • Wondering if tools are in storage or being used
  • Unnecessary tool purchases

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Mileage Tracker

Eliminate these – and more:

  • Administration of manual driving logs
  • Driving logs with incorrect kilometers
  • Calling around to find the closest vehicle for an emergency job

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Staff Ledger

Eliminate these – and more:

  • Box: Pre-register staff access
  • App: A physical place for checking in and out
  • Worrying about Tax Agency (Skatteverket) requirements

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