Spol & Industriservice achieved a simpler workday with our Project Management service.

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Field Service

Working within field service means daily management of many different assignments, tools, co-workers and service vehicles. It’s a job that requires plenty of planning to organise the best possible workday – for both builders and office staff.

Manually managing each step involved when working in field service – such as writing driving logs and work orders – makes it difficult to keep track of your entire operation and can lead to errors. We’ll help you with all this and more!

Take advantage of our digital services that help you streamline your workday so you can spend time on things that actually increase profitability.

Here are some of our products that can help you

Project Management

Avoid these things and more:

  • Unregistered billable hours
  • Missing supplier invoices
  • Unnecessary traveling for your builders

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Avoid these things and more:

  • Managing keys and associated stress
  • Worried tenants and landlords
  • Driving to collect and deliver keys

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Equipment Management

Avoid these things and more:

  • A cluttered warehouse and service vehicles
  • Wondering who has what tools and where
  • Having to remember service dates and warrantees

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Mileage Tracker

Avoid these things and more:

  • Worrying about the Tax Agency (Skatteverket)
  • Spending time completing driving journals
  • Calling around to find who’s closest to an emergency job

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