Contractor uses our Project Management system to invoice customers faster.

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Field staff, expensive machines that get moved around and lots of projects going on at once. It can certainly be eventful in the construction sector. Unfortunately, a lot of unnecessary time gets spent on things other than actual projects or customers. Let’s face it – there are a lot of things we’d rather do than hunt down parts and tools that aren’t where they should be.

Sound familiar? We have solutions that help you streamline your workday. Manage emergency jobs faster, eliminate tracking down your expensive equipment and say goodbye to unnecessary car trips and incomplete work orders.

We’ll make sure you’ll achieve a simpler workday and better profitability.

These products have been developed to support you

Project Management

Say goodbye to:

  • Missed work from contract changes (ÄTA)
  • Difficult scheduling
  • Careless time reports and purchases

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Equipment Management

Say goodbye to:

  • Misplaced machine accessories
  • Wondering where tools are and who’s using it
  • Keep track of service intervals and warrantees

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Mileage Tracker

Say goodbye to:

  • Hard to read driving logs
  • Missing kilometers
  • Spending time completing driving logs

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Staff Ledger

Say goodbye to:

  • Problems with the Tax Agency (Skatteverket)
  • App: a physical place for checking in
  • Box: pre-registration of staff ID06 cards

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