With our Project Management, Bunkeflo Byggplåt can be sure they invoice all billable hours.

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Building and Contracting

We understand it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s needed for a project, and even harder with several projects happening at once. The ability to streamline the daily routines of both field and office staff does a lot for a company and its profits.

We can help you simplify your workday and keep track of projects with our digital tools, customised for building and contracting. And you’ll have time left to devote to projects instead of admin.

These products have been developed for your sector

Project Management

Eliminate these – and more:

  • Unregistered hours and materials
  • Unworkable planning
  • Long periods between orders and invoicing

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Access Solutions

Eliminate these – and more:

  • The risk of unauthorised people on sites
  • Decide if you want to buy or lease gates
  • Key management

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Equipment Management

Eliminate these – and more

  • Misplaced tools
  • Warehouse troubles
  • Stacks of equipment documents

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Mileage Tracker

Eliminate these – and more:

  • Hand-written driving logs
  • Missing kilometres
  • Using unnecessary time keeping driving logs

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