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We at AddMobile want to help make sure your construction sites are safe and secure. We do this, in part, with the help of our access and ID06 (ID card) products. We’re very proud to say that we’ve been a certified partner since 2015. We’re also Sweden’s only certified supplier of ID06 mileage trackers.

Besides contributing to a safer workplace, our products help you streamline your workday. How does eliminating key management, hard-to-read mileage journals and no longer having to stop work to open a gate sound? We can help you with all of this – and more.

Read more about our solutions using ID06 cards, or other access cards.

Go keyless

No more worries and needless costs associated with losing keys. You can also do away with unnecessary car trips to collect or leave keys at the office.


Reduce the risk of theft

Avoid complicated key handling and unlocked containers and site cabins. Only employees who have been granted access can unlock the padlock.


The wireless container lock

Our battery-powered Container Lock can with advantage be used in forests and fields where there is no electricity supply. You open the lock with your access card.

Container Lock

Increased security on site

Grant access only to people with authorisation to enter the building site. It’s simple to pre-install who can open gates and when.

Gate Control

Work without interruption

Our Door Control stops unauthorised visitors from entering cabins or containers. In addition, you no longer need to worry about keys or stop work just to open a door.

Door Control

A flexible solution

Let us make it simple for you to follow legal requirements concerning electronic staff ledgers. Our solution is available as a mounted box, app or a combination of the two.

Staff Ledger

Simple for drivers to identify themselves

Do drivers who use shared vehicles sometimes forget to register who is driving? Now they can identify themselves inside the car before starting their journey.

Mileage Tracker with Driver ID

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It’s easy to get started. Read more about accredited card suppliers and how to go about ordering ID06 cards for you and your staff.

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