About ID06

ID06 is an RFID card that was launched in 2006 to promote safe workplaces and healthy competition in the Swedish construction industry. The guiding principle is that the system works like an ID document, easily identifying people in the workplace and linking them to an employer. The card contains information such as your Swedish personal number and which company you work for. Companies that connect to the ID06 system also need to fulfil statutory requirements for business activities.

The ID06 card is industry standard and has several areas of use. It can be used at various construction and building sites and works with different systems and solutions. Today, a personal ID06 card is required for everyone working at an ID06-affiliated workplace.

We at AddMobile have been a certified partner since 2015.

What does the law say?

On January 1, 2016 a law was instituted requiring a majority of construction sites in Sweden to have an electronic staff ledger. This means that all companies and people participating in construction activities on these sites must be registered in a staff ledger and that the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) can make unannounced visits to a workplace in order to make sure the law is being followed. Obligatory registration in a staff ledger and spontaneous visits by the Tax Agency help prevent any unauthorised presence in the workplace.

It is not necessary to have an ID06 card in order to fulfil the Tax Agency’s requirements for a staff ledger, but it does make it easier. An electronic staff ledger from AddMobile, linked to the ID06 system, facilitates smooth checking in and out of a workplace. Furthermore, the Tax Agency can access attendance lists independently, without requiring the presence of an administrator.

More information on the law regarding staff ledgers in the construction industry can be found on the Swedish Tax Agency website.

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