“AddMobile’s solution makes admin smooth and easy”

Henda Bygg AB is always careful to follow the rules and regulations of the construction industry. When the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) introduced legal requirements for electronic staff ledgers within the industry, choosing a provider was easy. Previous positive experience with AddMobile made it a natural decision for Henda Bygg AB to choose AddMobile’s Staff Ledger.

– AddMobile is a very responsive company and the staff ledger works great. The central system is also very clear, user friendly and simple to administer. We like AddMobile, says Jörgen Starnberg, decision support and production control at Henda Bygg AB.

Henda Bygg AB’s staff use both a mounted box and a mobile app to register their attendance during the workday. The box is used mainly for major contracts where several people check in and out at the same location. The app works as a complement to the box, but is also used independently on smaller jobs where fewer employees are present. Today, the staff ledger is a natural part of the workday and no one neglects to register themselves.

– The staff ledger has reduced admin work. Another positive result is that it helps us sharpen our procurement process. We can clearly show that we use ID06 (ID card), while supporting and working towards a sustainable and secure sector, says Jörgen Starnberg.

“The staff ledger box is clearly visible at the jobsite. This means that no one forgets to register when he or she enters or leaves the site.”

Jörgen Starnberg, decision support and production control at Henda Bygg AB.

Henda Bygg AB is planning to expand their solutions from AddMobile.

– We have an agreement to acquire AddMobile’s Smartlock. Its administration is built on the same simple interface as the staff ledger and we like that, says Jörgen Starnberg.

The use of smart locks was initially intended for a specific pipe relining project in a housing cooperative. The project is currently paused, but Jörgen still sees advantages in investing in smart locks since Henda Bygg AB often takes on jobs at businesses and residences.

– Smart locks require a bit of admin, but nothing close to the extent of traditional key management. We don’t have to manage residents’ keys, sign agreements or risk losing keys. Smart locks are much safer and more secure than looking after keys, regardless of whether they’re our own or a customer’s, says Jörgen Starnberg.

Henda Bygg AB was formed in 1995 as a two-man company and has grown into a family business with close to 70 employees. It’s a full-service firm that takes on many different jobs, from complete building contracts to fine carpentry and forging. Its breadth, versatility and well-educated staff enable it to maintain a high level of quality in its designs. Henda Bygg AB has its offices in Arlöv, Sweden, and operates throughout the entire Skåne region.

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