MVB Syd secures user-friendly Access Solutions with AddMobile

Out on a project in Anderslöv, Sweden, MVB Syd uses AddMobile’s Staff Ledger and systems for Gate-and-Door Control. The project encompasses several new builds, including a health centre, children’s clinic, library, open preschool and senior care home, with expected completion in autumn 2021. For the project, Site Manager Leif Andersson wanted user-friendly solutions for a staff ledger and construction-site entry. He chose AddMobile.

– It was both the simplicity and the favourable price that made me choose AddMobile, says Leif Andersson.

With AddMobile’s central system, Leif controls who is authorised to use the construction site’s gates and doors, and when. This ensures unauthorised visitors are kept out and that no one can enter outside of specified days and hours. Co-workers no longer need to worry about keys, as they open all gates and doors using their ID06 cards (ID cards).

“AddMobile is great at listening to what we need and then developing their products to meet those needs.”

Leif Andersson, Site Manager at MVB Syd

– AddMobile is great at listening to what we need and then developing their products to meet those needs. Their head offices are also close by so they can easily drop by should we have any questions. I appreciate that, says Leif Andersson.

MVB was founded in the 1960s and today is one of Sweden’s largest privately-owned construction firms. The company has around 500 co-workers operating at nine offices in the business’s three MVB-regions (Syd, Öst and Astor Bygg). MVB are active within building contracting, construction, maintenance and project development. Their focus is sustainability at a competitive price with work characterised by solid knowledge and high quality. MVB is experienced in both larger and smaller construction projects.

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