“AddMobile is always keen to help customise our system”

Jonas Svensson, one of the owners of Elaffären i Vinberg, wasn’t alone in feeling stressed and worried about relying on paper work orders and invoices. But after switching to a completely digital solution – AddMobile’s Work Order – stress and worry are but a memory.

When Jonas found himself writing paper invoices for over 60 jobs per week, he felt it was time to find a digital system for managing work orders and field staff hours. He was looking for a solution that reduces the risk of error, streamlines invoicing and facilitates scheduling. It was also crucial that the system could be connected to Pyramid Business System and adapt to Elaffären i Vinberg’s needs. The choice was AddMobile’s system for work orders and projects.

– AddMobile’s solution gives us exactly what we need. This includes connecting to our business system, Pyramid; EDI connections to Svenska Elkedjan, Storel and Ahlsell; as well as the possibility to check forms for accuracy at the end of a job. We had a fantastic project leader who helped us get started. Even today, AddMobile’s staff are always keen to help customise our system, says Jonas Svensson.

“It’s a very smart system that I enthusiastically recommend to my colleagues in the sector.”

Jonas Svensson, owner of Elaffären i Vinberg

Elaffären i Vinberg saves a lot of time with AddMobile, not least by facilitating scheduling and decreasing admin, since work orders no longer need to be manually entered into Pyramid. Instead, completed work orders are checked in AddMobile’s system and then sent directly to Pyramid, checked and ready to invoice.

– It’s a very smart system that I enthusiastically recommend to my colleagues in the sector, says Jonas Svensson.

The company also uses AddMobile’s Mileage Tracker in their service vehicles. Journeys are automatically logged, and all that’s needed is a little input from the driver and administrative staff to keep an eye on things. Jonas is also confident that the mileage tracker fulfils all the requirements of the Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

Elaffären i Vinberg is a family business based outside Falkenberg in Halland, Sweden. Since the 1920s, it’s been working with nearly everything within electricity installation. Today the business is run by brothers Jonas and Magnus Svensson, who have shared ownership for 30 years. No job is too small or too big for Elaffären i Vinberg.

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