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Contractor is a construction firm based in Norrland with over 100 years of experience in the sector. The company is always looking for new, smart ways to meet challenges. So, when Ann Karlberg, HR Director at Contractor, went looking for a digital solution for time reporting, she found AddMobile.

– I also noticed that AddMobile had more digital solutions, including work orders. After contact with AddMobile’s sales team, who explained the system, we were even more interested. The possibility to manage several solutions within one system lead us to choose AddMobile, says Ann Karlberg.

Although Contractor had initially only planned on investing in digital time reporting, they decided to immediately add digital project management for work orders as well as digital mileage tracking. These solutions have resulted in a simpler and faster way for Contractor to accurately invoice their customers, especially for land development projects at Contractor Mark.

– An advantage for those who work in construction is that there are now several types of payment to choose from when reporting hours. If a co-worker has used a machine, they report that. Otherwise they report hours as construction work. AddMobile’s system makes things clearer for us when invoicing our customers because rates can vary depending on the type of work being done, says Ann Karlberg.

“Gathering several solutions in one system, so we can get an overview of our projects, is both smooth and simple for everyone involved.”

Ann Karlberg, HR Director at Contractor

These digital solutions are now an established part of each workday and have performed so well that Contractor decided to increase the number of services from AddMobile. This time in order to improve supervision of their equipment inventory.

– We’ve talked about improving how we organise our equipment for some time. When I discovered that AddMobile has solutions for equipment management, it was only natural that we broaden our cooperation. Gathering several solutions in one system, so we can get an overview of our projects, is both smooth and simple for everyone involved, says Ann Karlberg.

Contractor was founded in 1910 and has offices in Skellefteå, Lycksele, Hemavan, Umeå and Sundsvall, Sweden. Together with their 400-plus co-workers, they complete over 3,500 projects per year. The company is steeped in love for their native Norrland and place great value on taking personal responsibility for their assignments. Contractor takes on assignments within public works, construction and land development, with a yearly turnover of over 1bn SEK.

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