Getting your staff on board

Engaging your staff in the digitalisation process ensures a more sustainable and inclusive journey towards more efficient workdays. We’ve compiled a few bits of advice and approaches for you, as decision makers, to take along for the ride.

Identify your needs

If you know your business needs, you can fulfil them – listen to what your colleagues think can be improved, based on their experiences.

  • What steps would employees like facilitated?
  • What steps would you like facilitated?
  • Find solutions that work for everyone
  • We’ll help you fulfil your needs

Solutions for your sector

Inform those concerned

Working more digitally has many advantages – it decreases the risk of manual error and creates simpler workflows.

  • Present the purpose of digitalisation
  • Link the purpose to the identified needs
  • Present solutions from AddMobile
  • Inform staff about the process and schedule

Some advantages of digitalisation

Encourage those involved

If you notice that certain co-workers are extra engaged in the new digital way of working, give them further encouragement.

  • Appoint digitalisation ambassadors
  • Involve them in decision making
  • Inspire them to encourage others
  • Let them tutor their colleagues

Our solutions in action

Share knowledge

If you need help getting started with our solutions, we’ll train your staff – either on site or digitally via distance.

  • Book internal training with AddMobile
  • Encourage co-workers to help each other
  • Ask staff for feedback about the solutions
  • Share contact information with our support

Our support and FAQ

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