Advantages and challenges of digitalisation

For some, the idea of digitalisation can seem intimidating or even downright scary. For others, including us at AddMobile, it means using smart technology for improvement and efficiency. The result is less paperwork, monetary savings, increased revenue and more time for projects. For us there is no downside to digitalisation, but there are of course challenges on the way to success. Don’t worry – digitalise with us and we’ll help you transform the challenges of digitalisation into working advantages.


  • Digitalisation seems costly
  • Finding solutions that fit our needs
  • Hard to change established routines
  • Sounds time consuming
  • Hard for co-workers to see the advantages


  • Save money – increase profitability
  • We’ll guide you on the path to what you need
  • We’re happy to help with internal education
  • Less time spent on admin
  • We’ll help you show how everyone benefits

We’ll help you get started

In order to make the move towards a more efficient way of working, everyone must know where they’re going. It’s important to make sure the purpose of digitalisation is clearly communicated to everyone concerned. We at AddMobile will support you through the entire process – from the first conversation to follow-ups after you’ve begun implementing your digital solutions.

Check out our guide to getting co-workers onboard

AddMobile helps you through the entire process

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