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Electronic Personnel Ledger

Follow the law with an electronic personnel ledger

An electronic personnel ledger is an entry and exit tracking system designed for the construction industry to register which employees and sub-contractors are on site at a construction workplace. Since January 1, 2016, the Swedish law states that, in Sweden, there must be an electronic personnel ledger at a construction project where the value exceeds four times the base amount.

With AddMobile’s Electronic Personnel Ledger you get an easy to manage and mobile solution with an ID06-system that follows the Tax Office’s rules and which give you, the manager, a better overview of all new, ongoing and finished projects – wherever you are.

Why should you use AddMobile Electronic Personnel Ledger?

  • Approved by Sweden’s Construction Industry for ID06.
  • No pre-registration is required.
  • Simple administration.
  • The Swedish Tax Office can take out a list of those present by themselves – no administrator needs to be on site.
  • Combine the solutions: check in on the app and out at the box – or vice-versa.
  • A simple, flexible and effective solution.

Law on electronic personnel ledger in the construction industry

What does the law mean?

Since January 1, 2016, there is a Swedish law on electronic personnel ledger in the construction industry which means that a construction project, in Sweden, where the value exceeds four times the base amount price (approximately 180,000 SEK) must have a personnel ledger. The personnel ledger must be electronic and contain personal information about all workers on site. The Swedish Tax Office can make unannounced visit to check that the law is followed – if it is not that means inspection fines.

How does the ID06-card work?

An ID06-card is a RFID-card which has been taken up by Sweden’s Construction Industries. The card contains a person number and which company you work for. Since the card is a standard, it can be used at different workplaces and with different systems. However, you need not have an ID06-card to fulfill the requirement that the Swedish Tax Office has for a personnel ledger.

What could it cost me if I do not follow the law?

The Swedish Tax Office makes regular unannounced inspections. If you do not meet the requirement, fines are assessed for the respective violations:

  • 2,000 SEK per incorrectly registered worker (for a first offense)
  • Unregistered project: up to 25,000 SEK
  • Unavailable personnel ledger: fines up to 10,000 SEK

Do you want to know more about our Electronic Personnel Ledger?




The box

Our IP65-classed registration box AddBox tolerates rougher environments. The personnel can check in and out with an ID06-card and no pre-registration is required – this is because the box reads the entire ID06-card – and t can easily be moved between different workplaces. The Tax Office can extract an on-site list by scanning the QR-code on the box, which means that no administrator need be on site. Approved by Sweden’s Construction Industries for ID06.

Price: 7,900 SEK/unit (incl. 220 V adapter). Maintenance fee 190 SEK/month in addition. Contact us for an offer when ordering multiple units. It is also possible to pay off the box for 439 SEK/month including a maintenance fee. The contract then runs for 36 months.

The app

AddMobile Electronic Personnel Ledger is also available as a cloud based solution. This means that you do not need to have a physical box, but can check in and out via an app on your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is to select a workplace and click on “check in/check out”. The app is an alternative if the boundaries of the workplaces vary or are difficult to define. Approved by Sweden’s Construction Industries for ID06.

Price: The app is downloaded for free from the Appstore or Google Play. AddMobile Toolbox Administration costs 6,900 SEK for developers who want to create their own projects. Maintenance fee 200 SEK/month in addition. Afterwards, each project costs 190 SEK/month.


Handling a personnel ledger requires a certain amount of administration. This is done via a web browser and is extremely easy to manage. The information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by anyone, which means maximum flexibility.

In the administration program, you can create workplaces by entering the workplace ID that you received from the Swedish Tax Office when you applied for the workplace. If you want to have a box on-site, connect the unit’s ID-number to the workplace and everything is ready for registration.

In the web browser, authorized personnel can obtain a list of who is currently on-site, generate their own reports and have a basis for the Swedish Tax Office. As the responsible company, you have a right to look at your own personnel and the sub-contractors who register in the personnel ledger. This information can be used, for example, as a check against invoices from subcontractors.

Combine the solutions

The app and the registration box can easily be combined since the belong to the same system. You can choose if you want to check in or out with the ID06-card, either on the box or in the app. This can be practical at the start of a project, if you need to get going before the registration box is in place.

If you only have a cloud based AddMobile Electronic Personnel Ledger, it is important to remember that everyone who works at the site must have an ID06-card, even subcontractors.

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