Mileage Log

Electronic Mileage Log

Avoid tax potholes with an electronic mileage log

If you have or have access to a vehicle that is owned by the company, according to the Swedish Tax Office, you have to keep a mileage log. But it is easy to let slip. With AddMobile’s Electronic Mileage Log it is easy to keep track of your vehicle, regardless whether it is a company car or a service vehicle. All trips that the vehicle makes are logged via a GPS. Then the collected information is just a couple of clips away in a web browser.

Advantages with AddMobile’s Electronic Mileage Log:

  • You can easily update the mileage log – both directly in an app on a smartphone or in a web browser.
  • Select whether it is a work trip or a private trip.
  • Simple monitoring that is easy to do yourself.
  • The trips are generated fully automatically.
  • Approved by the Tax Office.
  • Supplement with information such as errand, who is visited and mileage.

Our app is included at no cost.
Available both for iOS and Android.

Each individual trip consists of:

  • Time and address for the trip start
  • Time and address for the trip end
  • The trip’s total time and distance
  • Whether it is a private or work trip

Supplement the information with:

  • Errand
  • Who was visited
  • Mileage
  • Information about private or work trips

Electronic mileage log with GPS

A GPS is installed in the vehicle – either inserted manually by the driver in the car’s OBD-outlet, or permanently mounted. The GPS-unit sends the vehicle’s position to the cloud where the different trips are continuously monitored. Whenever you like, you can supplement information about the trip via an app in a smartphone or on a computer. The digital mileage log can then be printed out – for example every month. It is also stored automatically on the server.

Simple administration in the app

Manage AddMobile’s Electronic Mileage Log on whatever smartphone or tablet you like. In the app you can easily see, change or supplement all trips. You can also see stops on a map.

AddMobile Electronic Mileage Log ID

If the vehicle is used by several drivers, there is the possibility to log in with their digital ID card or pass fob. The card contains a chip that can be read in the car. Then a signal is sent to the database that verifies that the driver who is active. In addition, reports can be printed for each individual driver in selected periods.

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