Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Manage the vehicle fleet

Do you have a truck fleet you need to manage? Our AddMobile Toolbox gives you a simple way to help you with Fleet Management. We offer a series of different solutions that can be adapted to your company’s exact needs.

We have solutions for:

  • Concrete transport
    (concrete trucks, concrete boom and line pumps)
  • Asphalt
  • Mobile cranes
  • Earth moving machines
  • Special transport
  • Material transports
  • Carpools

Information in real time

With our Fleet Management you can check the truck’s position and status in real time. It is simple to send information to the driver’s smartphone about planned driving orders and exceptions. New drivers find their way quickly thanks to voice control and visual guides for the current assignment. It is also easy to fill in freight bills and time reports directly in the mobile app. When materials are delivered, the recipient can sign immediately on the mobile screen which speeds up invoicing.

The employees at the office gain better control and can easily make contact with the drivers and plan resources. Our truck solutions are intuitive with easy to navigate menus. We help you manage the entire driver order process with everything from customers, assignments and trucks to objectives, time and materials. The truck can be followed in real time on a map, where people can see immediately the order’s or the truck’s status with different colors and symbols. The status can be changed by manual inputs or automatically with the help of geo-fence zones, for example.

Manage your earth moving machines

For earth moving machines you get both theft-protection and monitoring for how the machine is used via GPS – for example if they plow, salt or grade asphalt. With this information, you can plan the machine’s use more effectively and thus improve the capacity of the company.

Ready-mix concrete transport

We offer a complete Fleet Management system for ready-mix concrete transport. The system consists of a web based part for order management and planning for deliveries, and a mobile unit in the concrete truck. The mobile unit is an app and/or GPS that manages the different stages of the delivery and status. Our system is integrated with your existing ERP-system and thus gives you a complete digital delivery flow.

We help you find a solution that works for your truck fleet!

The Carpool

One of our Fleet Management-solutions is the Carpool for a company managing bigger car fleets – a handy and flexible scheduling system for service vehicles.

With the help of the Carpool, you can avoid picking up the car and registering to get keys during established office hours. Instead, pickup and return is done with the help of a registered ID card. This means that parking and pickup places can be connected to bus or train stations. Scheduling is recorded over the Web by the user and the information is available and managed automatically by our system. You can also get a clear needs analysis that can be a support for planning and placement of the cars based on demand. With Carpool you make fewer unnecessary trips and reduce both fuel costs and your effect on the environment.

How does the Carpool work?

  • Available around the clock
  • Automatic electronic mileage log
  • Driving can be used as a basis for billing

Log in on the home page to schedule a car. Fill in scheduling information (date, time, pick up location, extra equipment, passengers). You receive an SMS with your scheduling confirmation – done!

30 minutes before pickup you receive an SMS with information about the car you have been assigned. This is to avoid cars with unforeseen obstacles – for example a tire puncture. To unlock the car, you hold your registered ID card against the reader in the front window until the car doors unlock. Take out the keys and the fuel card from the safety box that is inside the car.

While driving
While driving, the car key is used to lock and unlock the car.

Return to the pickup place and park the car. Put the car key and fuel card back in the safety box. Lock the car by holding up your registered ID card against the reader in the front window until the car doors lock. Afterwards, there is a 15 minute time interval where you can unlock the car if you have forgotten something.