Asset Management

Asset Management

Tired of not knowing where your equipment is? We understand.

AddMobile’s Asset Management eliminates this by digitally gathering the necessary information about the equipment in one place. You can even see whether your tools are in the storeroom, in a vehicle or at a job site. Simply put, better gear awareness.

“Where did we use the tool last? I can’t find it.”
That’s a thing of the past, plus:

  • You’ll be able to easily locate your documents.
  • You can keep track of service intervals.
  • You avoid unnecessary interruptions during the day.
  • You’ll know if you’ve missed taking along something to a site.

The Central System

Via our app and our central system, you can list and keep track of equipment and tools, regardless of whether you’re in the field or at the office. Fill in information such as:

  • Person responsible
  • Basic location
  • Photo
  • Purchase information
  • Product information, such as model
  • Service and maintenance
  • Attach manuals, receipts, warranties.

The solution works for all types of equipment, tools and machines.

Handy Map Overview

In our map view, you can see the current positions of your assets. Perhaps in a storeroom, in a vehicle or at a job site.


See where the equipment was moved and when. You’ll also know who used it last.

Equipment Planning

Make sure the field staff has all necessary and correct equipment with them to their assignments.

Inventory Control

You see what’s in the storeroom. Perfect for unplanned or urgent assignments.

Always Full Control

You can view all necessary information in your smartphone – when and where you want.

The equipment’s movement is administered either manually or automatically using our tracking transmitter, AddTracker. It is attached to the gear and automatically records where your tools are. Easy installation with double-sided tape, cable ties, glue or screws.

You can connect new or previously registered equipment to an AddTracker transmitter – both in the app and in the central system. With a battery life of up to five years, the equipment is secured for a long time to come. The unit is IP67-rated and designed to withstand tough industrial and construction environments.

Positions are registered via Bluetooth when the AddTracker is within 40 meters of a receiver. The receiver is a smartphone with our app installed or other AddMobile hardware that discovers the signal and sends it to our system, which updates the GPS coordinates automatically.

Once a signal is detected, you can use the app to locate tools at the job site.

Connect AddMobile Asset Management with our other solutions – get everything in the same system!