AddMobile Toolbox

This Is AddMobile Toolbox

Our platform consists of four products: Mobile Work Order, Electronic Mileage Log, Electronic Personnel Ledger and Fleet Management. They are available both as off the shelf packages and customised solutions.

Select which parts you want to use yourself. We take care of the rest.

Mobile Work Order

Quicker invoicing and less administration. We offer a complete toolset for mobile task management. Customise the solution as needed and gain full control of the daily activity. Become more efficient by removing all paper between the office and personnel in the field. Plan and gain a simple oversight over your task in the planning module. Invoice quicker and gain better control over the assignment.

Work order

Simplify the handling of a work order by making the system completely digital. A work order or service order is easily sent out from the main office or added in the smartphone. All information is available directly for the tradesman, and it is easy to order material and report continually about the assignment.

Time reporting

Report hours with a few clicks on your smartphone. Don’t forget any hours, connect to a project or work order and invoice immediately.

Facility management

We have off the shelf solutions for different aspects of facility management – cleaning, night watch and mail handling. Do you want to have a new functionality? No problem. We customise solutions to fit your company.

Road watch

Report an error immediately in your telephone. Create an assignment, take a photograph and report GPS-location. Quicker remedies and you miss nothing.


Have a checklist in the telephone, inspect and show that you were on site with the help of your GPS location.



Electronic Mileage Log

Avoid tax fines and paperwork with our different solution for an electronic mileage log. The electronic mileage log fulfill all requirements from the Swedish Tax Office and can just be plugged into the car. Fill in the information in your smartphone. Let AddMobile Electronic Mileage Log do the job for you. Available with or without a driver ID.

Mileage log

Take care of everything via the app! All you need to do is simply mount a GPS in the vehicle. No installation is necessary.

Mileage log with driver ID

A GPS with a built in driver ID can be used if the a vehicle is shared with others. Registration is done with the help of a tag or an ID06-card.



Electronic Personnel Ledger

Check in and out at the construction site with AddMobile Electronic Personnel Ledger. Our Personnel Ledger is accredited by Sweden’s Construction Industries for ID06 and there are a series of different variants – box, app or tablet. Everything to fit your company. The administration is simple to manage and if the Swedish Tax Office does an audit of the construction project, they can extract the information they need themselves – completely without your involvement.


Use your smartphone for reporting in and out. Also available for work managers/administrators for administration of the system.


Administer, check in and out – all through the same tablet.


IP65-rated box for checking in and out at a tougher environment.



Fleet Management

It should be easy to select environmentally friendly trips. With our Fleet Management, it is easy to plan trip patterns and reduce costs. We have off the shelf modules for building and construction, concrete, operations and maintenance. Have full control of your transport – through better planning and better driving patterns to reduce costs. Not the least fuel consumption. The driver can easily perform their administrative tasks via their smartphone.


We have an off the shelf solution for the concrete industry with function such as planning, navigation, quality control, cleaning and reporting wait times.

Operations and maintenance

Off the shelf solutions for winter and summer road maintenance and maintenance of outside environments. You avoid paper and can show that personnel have been on site and performed work with the help of GPS location.

Vehicle solutions for mobile cranes

See where the cranes are in real time on a map, for better and more effective planning. Send out transport orders directly to the driver’s smartphone. Save time and money. Nothing is forgotten or missed.

Measurement of machine time

Connect a GPS and get statistics about how your mobile machine is used – effective degree of usage in time or distance, waiting time with more. See where the machines are in use in real time on a map. And use the equipment as theft protection.